Robyn Boyd lives in Santa Cruz, CA with her husband, daughter, two cats and dog. She has been in the health care and fitness profession since 1977. She is a licensed and certified massage therapist.

Having fully recovered from Epstein Barr, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, debilitating migraines and extreme hypoglycemia, Robyn speaks from experience,. It is Robyn's passion to share the joy of living a healthy lifestyle with others. Her compassion and awareness of suffering help make her a teacher of depth and compassion.


The reason I call my recipes RAWSOME is because you will find that they are mostly RAW with SOME organic whole cooked foods. 75% of the recipes in this book use all raw foods. Ninety-three percent of the recipes are all vegan.

For optimum health I recommend eating simply, purely, wholly, and 75-80% raw!

Whether you are pure raw vegan, lacto-vegetarian, or just transitioning to healthier eating, you will find recipes to please your palate.

Making food to please your family and encourage children to eat well and enjoy the process of making meals is also a goal of this book. You will find many recipes my daughter loves and has voted as "kid friendly." The recipes that have gone over well with my daughter Molly and her friends, (approx. ages 4-14) have been labeled: "RawSome Kid Recipe!" You may want to try these recipes first, keeping in mind that every child has different tastes that they are drawn to. This is just a guideline from my child to yours. We would love to hear what works with your family and any recipes that you create! It really is fun to get the whole family involved, It is a great way to grow and hang out together. Everyone can relate to food. So get Grandma and Grandpa in there with you too! Have fun and enjoy the recipes!

At the end of the recipes you will find Planning Meals Ahead to help you get organized. Fit for Company... Four All-Raw Dinner Menus will help you take the stress out of what to make for guests! For those festive occasions, you will find a RawSome Holiday Menu. Great After School Snacks and Grazing Foods will give you fabulous healthy ideas to please the kids. Get super ideas for snacks while other kids are over on play dates. Tips for Healthy Traveling is an important and helpful section to help you stay healthy and happy while traveling, minimizing being at the mercy of all those toxins and pollutants out there! Essential Oils for Home and Travel will help you get further down the road on a healthier footing.

Eat well and be well!


Robyn Boyd



RawSome Recipes
Mostly RAW with SOME cooked...
whole foods for vital nutrition!

by Robyn Boyd

Hardcover with spiral bound insert - 182 pages

Dishes awesome to taste—RawSome because most of the ingredients are Raw, complemented by Some organic and whole cooked foods.

Whether you are a pure raw vegan or lacto-vegetarian, or merely a curious explorer seeking to transition to a healthier way of eating, you are sure to find exciting, palate-pleasing recipes in this book.

A variety of original recipes make up the bulk of RawSome Recipes, almost all of which can be prepared without expensive or complicated kitchen equipment and utensils. Readers will also find a wealth of valuable information, including:

  • A look at the choices and pitfalls our food presents today
  • How to recognize the dangers in our diet, and steps we can take toward living wholly
  • How to make the transition to eating healthier
  • The benefits of eating raw, and of using foods in their whole form
  • How and why to include green foods on a daily basis
  • How to raise RawSome kids
  • What tools to use and where to get them

The book also includes information on planning meals ahead, all-raw dinner menus fit for serving to company, a treasury of healthy snacks kids will love, and a RawSome holiday menu.

RawSome Recipes is the simple, whole, healthy cookbook for people who do not want to make food their religion, just their wisdom. It's packed with information, inspiration and, most of all, mouth-watering recipes.


RawSome Recipes
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"Many people promote a pure raw food lifestyle, but nobody makes it as simple, delicious or convenient as Robyn Boyd does in her book, RawSome Recipes."

—David Sandoval host of the "Health Discovery Hour" and author of "The
Healing Miracle of Green Foods"s

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