Rhio has been recognized as "an expert" on the raw/live food diet by CNN, and American Journal on national television. She has also been covered in the Los Angeles Times and numerous other publications. Rhio's Internet Radio Show at www.NYTalkRadio.net has helped countless people find their way to a healthier lifestyle. When Rhio speaks . . . people love to listen - she has the magic!

Hooked On Raw
Rejuvenate Your Body and Soul
with Nature's Living Foods

by Rhio

Softcover - 358 pages - with color insert and illustrations

Hooked on Raw, is chock-full of the kind of information you need to help you assimilate and adapt to a raw/live food lifestyle. More than half the book is devoted to recipes that provide a delicious, gourmet surprise. The other half covers many health-related issues, such as bringing wild foods and organic foods into the diet, soil fertility, food irradiation, genetic engineering of seeds/plants, hybridization of seeds, fasting, rejuvenation and much, much more. Rhio's gentle approach guides you to the opportunity to make major changes in your lifestyle so that you can experience new awareness and vibrant health.

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Hooked On Raw
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