James R. Privitera, MD, (left above) is a 1967 graduate of the Creighton University School
of Medicine, in Omaha, Nebraska. He interned
at Providence Hospital, Seattle, Washington,
and took a residency in internal medicine at Presbyterian Hospital in San Francisco.
Later, he was a Clinical Fellow in Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology at Scripps
Clinic and Research Foundation in La Jolla, California. In 1970, he began the private
practice of allergy and nutrition in Covina, California, where he practices today.

Dr. Privitera has been professionally
affiliated with (ACAM) the American College
for Advancement in Medicine; the American
College of Sports Medicine; the International Academy of Preventive Medicine; the
International College of Applied Nutrition;
the Northwest Academy of Preventive
Medicine; the American Society of Parenteral
and Enteral Nutrition; the American Academy
of Allergy; and the National Health Federation.

He is a consultant to some of the nation's
leading supplement manufacturers on their vitamin and mineral formulations. He
advises physicians from around the world
in the use of darkfield and live cell analysis.

Alan Stang has been a member of the
working press for almost forty years. He
wrote the Tex and Jinx radio show at NBC
in New York. He was an original Mike
Wallace writer, and is the reason Mike
is meaner than a junkyard dog.

He has written hundreds of feature articles
in national magazines. Many of those articles
have been reprinted in the millions. He has lectured around the world, and was twice an official guest of the Republic of China on
Taiwan. He is a daily network radio talk
show host on stations across the country.
He went head to head with Larry King in
Los Angles, and, according to Arbitron,
had almost twice as many listeners.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives
cited him for journalistic excellence. The
American Academy of Public Affairs of Los Angeles, chaired by Loyd Wright, former
chairman of the American Bar Association, applauded his scholarship and journalism.
He served two terms as member of the
Board of the National Health Federation.


Silent Clots
Life's Biggest Killers
Lockstep Medicine's Conspiracy to Suppress the Test That Should Be Done in Emergency Rooms Throughout the World
by James R. Privitera, M.D. and Alan Stang, M.A.


Softcover - 278 pages

"Silent Clots: Life's Biggest Killers is a blend of useful medical information, especially about the vastly under-used 'darkfield microscope,' potentially lethal 'hidden clots,' and how to safely eliminate these clots before they eliminate us, along with a compilation of data about the decades-long, combined Federal, State, and drug industry war on practitioners and users of medical alternatives.

"Dr. Privitera writes from long, personal experience with both. If the various 'authorities' who spend so much time and money trying to destroy his practice and reputation would spend a tiny bit of it to honestly research his findings, the health of our entire nation could be improved with no further use or misuse of money taxed away from you and me."

—Dr. Jonathan Wright
Tahoma Clinic
Kent, Washington

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Silent Clots $
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Unique Way to Test for Clotting

Platelet aggregation has long been shown to cause and/or to be associated with many of the major degenerative diseases. In over 25 years of examining patient's charts, we have never seen a report of status of platelet reactivity, even though more than 90% of all myocardial infarctions are caused by the formation of a thrombus at the site of an atherosclerotic lesion. Unstable angina results from the formation of platelet aggregation at these sites. Over 90% of metastatic cancer are also associated with platelet aggregation.

Because of the extreme importance of determining the amount of clotting a patient has in his/her blood, we have used different test methods and have found the darkfield the fastest and best. The test is performed using a drop of blood on a television monitor, the technician explains the blood pattern, and Polaroid picture is given to the patient for examining at home.

Since heart disease is by far the biggest killer and 90% of strokes are also caused by platelet aggregation, one of our studies was limited to patients with circulatory complaints and platelet aggregation.
Forty-five patients with circulatory complaints who had a 2+ (an aggregation that is twice as large as a red cell) platelet aggregation were tested, using the darkfield microscope.

To confirm and verify the observed platelet aggregation, Betathromboglobulin studies were done. These showed 100% correlation. Betathromboglobulin is the most abundant platelet specific protein and has a molecular weight of 36,000. It is not interfered with by Warfarin (coumadin) as is frequently seen with darkfield. Frequently large platelet aggregations are seen in patients on Warfarin (coumadin).


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