Donald Schnell & Marilyn Diamond

Marilyn Diamond is known worldwide for her co-authorship of the international blockbusters Fit for Life and Fit for Life II. These books brought record-breaking New York Times best-seller status to her work as a pioneer in healthful living. Her authorship of The American Vegetarian Cookbook and A New Way of Eating established her leadership in the vegetarian-vegan and raw food health movements. She is co-author with Dr. Donald Schnell of FITONICS, the follow-up mainstream lifestyle to Fit for Life. Recipes for Life, co-authored with her daughter, Lisa Lusk, is the "cooking bible" for Hollywood celebrities and members of the modeling industry.

A Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude graduate of New York University, Marilyn has been credited by "Publishers’ Weekly" as one of the top twenty-five best-selling authors in publishing history. She is recognized as a motivating and inspiring teacher for living the spiritually balanced life in the modern era.

Marilyn is a frequent guest on Oprah, Larry King Live, Donahue, Geraldo and Good Morning America, as well as on many other national and international television talk shows. Her interviews have been published in thousands of daily newspapers and magazines around the world. In her books, courses, seminars and retreats, she shares with her audience invaluable keys of spirituality and natural health, providing practical and effective ways to integrate higher consciousness and healthy living into daily life.

Most of all, Marilyn is loved and respected for her dynamic, genuine and caring style and individuality. For decades in seminars and private practice, she has shown a remarkable capacity to distinguish each person's needs and gently guide them to make the important changes in lifestyle that will bring them lasting health and happiness.

"It is often said that you can find everything you are seeking within yourself. But how do you accomplish this worthwhile endeavor? First, make consistent choices for health! This will create the energy to live life with a passion you’ve never known before! Then, look toward the purity you’ve uncovered within you. Feel the flood of bliss and compassion as your heart melts in the experience that love is the only REAL purpose of life. Do good, be good, see good, love All. I love you. I love you."

—Marilyn Diamond

Donald Schnell, Ph.D., is most widely acclaimed for his latest spiritual adventure story, The Initiation, the highly acclaimed "Top 500" new release, which broke Amazon’s record with sixty-five 5-star reviews in its first weeks of publication. Donald’s spiritual adventure articles and syndicated column "The Winning Edge" appear in new thought publications internationally. Among his most influential works is the best-selling FITONICS, co-authored with his wife Marilyn Diamond as the first body-mind-spirit lifestyle for health, fitness and success.

Jack Canfield, co-author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, praises Donald Schnell’s The Initiation as "timeless and authentic universal spirituality that captured my heart." Dr. Jean Houston, prolific author, Harvard lecturer, and protégé of Margaret Mead and Joseph Campbell describes "The Initiation" as "a metaphysical adventure of the highest order." Dick Sutphen says, "The Initiation is an inspired journey into expanded awareness. I loved it!"

Donald is a leading innovator in the modern human potential movement and the author of five online personal development courses of unprecedented popularity: Enlightenment 101, The Power of Prosperous Thinking, Dream Achievers, The Course in Spiritual Leadership, and The Winning Edge. He is a popular guest on radio and television throughout the US, Europe and South America, including PBS, Wisdom Radio and Television, National Public Radio, and the Voice of America.

Donald began spiritual study on his own at the remarkable young age of seven. By the age of 19, he was widely sought as a teacher of Eastern and Western spiritual principles and meditation. During his long and successful career, he has pioneered a unique vision of spiritually balanced living for the modern era. He articulates his innovative strategies for successful living so that they can be grasped by the largest numbers of people.

Since 1979, Donald’s distinctive courses, tapes and seminars have gained huge popularity and presented his worldwide audience with successful strategies for developing peak performance in every area of their lives. Donald is a prolific writer. He is a humorous, charismatic speaker, and a widely sought counselor, who dynamically reflects the wisdom, success and happiness that he so passionately coaches others to achieve. Many of his fans and seminar participants admit that both his writing and teaching have opened their hearts, awakened them spiritually, and literally transformed their lives.

"To be spiritual is to revolt against herd conditioning. In a sense, it’s to become more individual. And more universal. You begin to understand that you have a higher purpose. It’s not just about how much stuff you can acquire or if you’re at the right golf club. Nor how well you can outsmart others. Something else happens. There’s a shift that takes place—a new perspective. You sense your inner being—a power within you that can recognize spiritual substance and experience, and blossoms when it’s nourished. This shift is a part of the process called enlightenment."

—Donald Schnell

Both Donald and Marilyn see the The Spiritual Java™ Self-Mastery Course as the culmination of their decade-long partnership. Their focused professional collaboration in research, writing and lecturing has allowed them to continue to realize their shared mission of bringing the most practical, progressive and timely life solutions to the many thousands of people who seek their assistance.

In 2002, Donald and Marilyn launched the longed-for project of their hearts—the POWER OF LOVE WORLDWIDE FOUNDATION, dedicated to promoting worldwide tolerance, health and peace. The first POWER OF LOVE WORLDWIDE Seminar was hosted in coordination with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Cancun, Mexico. In co-sponsorship with other socially conscious corporations and service organizations, Donald and Marilyn will continue to host POWER OF LOVE events around the world.

Dr. Donald Schnell and Marilyn Diamond Schnell share a married and professional life of unparalleled personal fulfillment. They are highly creative people, who enhance their passionate life of writing and research with collaboration in painting and photography. Companions in the sports of body building, tennis and hiking, they live a life of unusual romance in their beautiful home in Los Angeles, where they welcome their children, grandchildren, and many friends as the most important people in their lives.

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