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Dear Rhios,

I am writing to you again, about two friends of mine that be living in L.A for quite some time. I went out to visit them but my buddy told me that they were into raw food. I was like okay, sometimes I go vegen myself. But they eat raw chicken and raw meat. They explained it to me that they do prepare it properly and it is like sushi. I tried it to be kind, but I have to say I did not like it. They look great, but I am afraid they maybe slowly hurting themselves? It was the first time I really saw people and there pets share the same food. Any advice?


p.s I wrote to you before about this, maybe you through I was joking but I was not.

p.s.s / I love your web-site.

Dear Don,

I'm glad you love my website!!

In answer to your question... if it is a choice between cooking meat or eating it raw, then I would choose to eat it raw as your friends are doing. But of course, the better choice, at least for me, is to eliminate eating our animal brothers altogether.

Raw meat (chicken, etc.) is easier to digest because it contains enzymes and other vital factors which are missing in the cooked version. The difference between eating meat cooked or raw is the results you get. There was a study that was done by a Dr. Francis Pottenger back in the 1930s where he divided 900 cats into groups and fed some cats cooked meat and milk and other groups of cats raw meat and milk and with each succeeding generation of cats that were fed the cooked foods, you could see the degeneration that occurred. The cats developed similar diseases to those of humans, and by the third generation could no longer reproduce. The cats that ate raw, on the other hand, were perfectly healthy, generation after generation. I did a review of the Pottenger cat study in my book, Hooked on Raw. I believe the study is valid to this day. Humans have tested and continue to test many substances on animals to see what the possible benefits or detriments might be to humans. (I do not agree with this testing on animals.)

Meat is not the proper food for humans. When you compare the physiologies of meat eating animals and humans, they are very different. Just to mention a few differences, the meat eaters have short intestines (meat goes through fast and does not putrefy), humans have long intestines (meat goes through and begins to putrefy before it can get out the other end). Meat eating animals produce a lot more hydrochloric acid than humans. Meat eating animals have claws and fangs. Humans do not. Etc.

If your friends eat just a little of the raw meat and a lot of raw fruits and vegetables, they will probably get along quite well for a long time. If it is the other way around, then I'm not sure what the outcome could be, but I would suspect the acidity created by the meat will catch up with them sooner or later.

Then there are two further problems to consider. 1) Where are they getting this meat? Is it a good clean source and can it be trusted? They must be very careful about that. And 2) they will probably have a parasite problem eventually to contend with.

The bigger picture for not eating meat is that a lb. of meat is very costly to produce in terms of damage to our planet. It takes a lot of water and a lot of land to produce meat. We are already depleting our water reserves and many of the rainforests in South America have been cut down so animals can graze. As the population on the planet continues to increase, it becomes more cost effective for us to be planting vegetables, fruit trees and some grains, which yield much more food for the expenditure in land and water.

I don't think there is anything that you can do to influence your friends to give it up. You might point out some of the down sides, but right now they are probably feeling very strong. They are probably reading some books by Ajonis Vonderplonitz and a more recent one by the model, Carol Alt, or being influenced by the Price-Pottenger Foundation or any number of other proponents for eating raw meat.

I wouldn't worry too much about them. They'll probably fare better than the general population eating factory food.

With blessings and peace,


March 10, 2005

Thank you for you advice Rhio, you have made this much clearer for me.


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